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Business Events and Tastings

Building your team's interpersonal relationships has never been more important. The world has changed and with it, the way we work has too. As working remotely becomes more commonplace, events that bring your team together reinforces those professional relationships, helping to foster better results.

Our wine events are also a fabulous way of creating connections and networking with others in your field. Host an event and invite like-minded individuals. We'll create the right atmosphere - then the rest is up to you.

Want to entertain an important client? What better way than with one of our more advanced level themes. Show your sophisticated side whilst you cement that important deal.

With a base rate of just $250 and then only $20 per person after that, you can afford to entertain the whole company. We can help with wine selection appropriate for the event, advise on a menu to compliment and much more. 

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